The vast majority of your customers have already spent hundreds of dollars on their smartphones, and they carry them constantly. You may even have all the hardware and software in place at your business to accept mobile payments. It can be challenging to get customers over their initial reservations about making contactless payments, but there are tips you can implement that will help. 

Understand Your Equipment

Taking payments via customers’ phones is not complicated, but it requires compatible hardware and software. Be sure yours is up and running before you open your checkout line. 

Train Your Staff

If you have ever been in line behind someone who was trying in vain to pay with their phone while the cashier stared off into the distance, you know that not everyone is in the loop about how to use this technology. Be proactive by training your counter staff. They should be ready and willing to trouble-shoot with the customer to ensure that the transaction is completed correctly and quickly. They should also be knowledgeable about the robust security features that make contactless payments safe. 

Let Customers Know

People will only adopt a new way to buy products if they are aware that you offer it. Make it a point to prominently display stickers and electronic reminders prompting people to make Apple or Android payments. They should be just as visible as your signs for VISA, MasterCard and American Express. 

Expand Your Scope

Unfortunately, there is more than one mobile payment processing platform, and they are not compatible with each other. That means you need to be intentional about accepting as many forms as possible. At the very least, be sure that your equipment accepts both Apple and Android Pay, the two most popular. 


Who doesn’t love getting a prize? Offering freebies, promotions or product discounts can go a long way toward encouraging consumers to take the leap into the mobile payments world. 

In addition, you can take advantage of location-based services to bring people into your store and keep them coming back. Once a customer has made a payment at your business, you can send push notifications about sale opportunities and special promotions. If they come within close proximity of your store, capitalize on location-based capabilities to entice them. Many would not be able to resist a text that says, “We notice you’re close to our store. If you come in within the next hour, an amazing surprise is yours.” 

Smartphones are making it possible for users to have easy access to all sorts of information, from navigation to the vast internet and all its capabilities. When you provide the right incentives, people will soon learn that their Android or iPhone offers a safe, fast and easy way to buy products and services. The learning curve is not nearly as steep as it might seem.