If you have a complex window shape that you need to fit a curtain to then a conventional straight curtain rail may not be a viable choice. Fortunately modern curtain tracks come with a wider range of options, including flexible curtain tracks that can be bent to a variety of shapes. Here’s some basic information on bendable curtain tracks.

– The curtain track.

Depending on the space the curtain track needs to fit into or the shape the track needs to conform to a bendable curtain track might be made from either plastic (usually PVC) or a soft metal, such as aluminium. Plastic bends easily but doesn’t hold its shape, so it is ideal for smoothly curved tracks where it will fit and retain the curve depending on how it is anchored. For more complex shapes with a combination of straight and curved sections metal is better as it can be bent into a particular shape and will retain that shape. When choosing the material for the track you need to consider the track shape and whether it needs to hold that shape.

For heavier curtain materials such as felt a heavy duty track is necessary and will require brackets and curtain holders that can accommodate the extra weight and possibly extra thickness of the curtain material.

– Wall and ceiling brackets.

The brackets for a bendable curtain track can be either of two types depending on your needs and the length and shape of the track. Wall brackets are designed to mount the track to a wall which is ideal for most tracks but may not provide enough support for more complex track designs. If you need more support and the track can be placed nearer to the ceiling then a ceiling bracket will work best. In some cases you might need both with the wall brackets anchoring the ends of the track and the ceiling brackets anchoring the middle sections. Most curtain tracks and brackets are designed to clip together making attaching the track to the mounted bracket an easy process.

– Curtain connectors.

The curtain connectors used with a bendable curtain track generally use a clamp design to hold the curtain and clip straight onto the track. This makes them easy to detach when you need to take the curtain down for cleaning and to dust the track. For thicker curtains you may need connector clamps that can accommodate the extra curtain thickness, so bear that in mind and discuss the material you will be using for the curtain with the salesperson when buying the parts for the track.

Flexible curtain tracks are great for curved designs that make a room more interesting and fit a wider and more complex range of window spaces. They allow you to take a more imaginative approach to your interior design. They are also relatively easy to setup, so take a look at the windows in your house and ask yourself whether a more flexible curtain rail would work better for them.