We might want to look killer sexy in our little black dresses, done-up hair, and careful faces that could stop a special someone in his or her tracks. Snagging killer attention, however, need not be cruel. Take a peek below for hints on finding cruelty-free beauty products, whether you’re looking for flirty, dramatic vegan eyelashes or just a basic everyday hand lotion.

Ask Your Queen Bee Friends

As all women are no doubt already aware, most of us love giving advice. Take advantage of this natural tendency and get opinions on where to find the best stuff that causes no harm to animals. As you’re reading this, you surely are already mentally pinpointing the best person for the job…the “Queen Bee” of cruelty-free! Trust her; she is serious about using only vegan soaps, shampoos and makeup. Not only has this friend vetted the products for you, but rest assured, she’s conducted in-depth research on the humaneness of every item that goes into her shopping cart.

PETA Curated List

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has assembled a list of cruelty-free beauty products and stores where they might be found. Rest assured that if it’s listed by PETA, it has been vetted to a high standard of humaneness. The full curated list may be found on the PETA website.

Don’t Overlook “Regular” Retailers

If you’re looking for cruelty-free beauty and are on a strict budget, it can be more difficult but is doable for almost all women. Don’t overlook discount and big-box retailers, as they are increasingly adding humane products to their regular offerings. Just plan to spend extra time reading product packaging, or go armed beforehand with a list of beauty companies that are vegan.

Bloggers Know Their Stuff

If there is a vegan blogger you know and trust, consider taking suggestions from this person’s product reviews. Of course, you want to overlook glowing pie-in-the-sky claims and be sure you understand the blogger’s relationship with the product being reviewed. But most of us have found great products by using suggestions of online sources we have grown to trust.

Those are just a few ways to getting started in locating the best, kindest, most caring beauty stuff out there. The next time you put on that little black dress, vegan eyelashes and cherry red vegan lipstick, you’ll know you’re “killing it” with your looks…instead of with your purchases!