If you’re struggling with money, then you need to know that you can be eligible for several federal and state government benefits. These include food stamps and monetary assistance for education, utility bills, healthcare, childcare, and more. An easy way to find out the specific benefits that you may qualify for is by using the convenient benefits finder tool available on Ekscalifornia where anyone can simply enter their personal information and additionally get an accurate estimate of the amount of money you could receive each month, per each benefit available to you.

Some of the state and federal benefits programs that you could qualify for include CalWorks, WIC, and California Food Stamps ( for food and other basic needs), Medi-Cal and Covered California ( for healthcare), Lifeline and HEAP ( for utilities), and Head Start ( for education). You can also learn more about each of these federal and state programs by accessing the Menu section on ekscalifornia .org and then clicking on the different programs that are of interest to you. Eligibility for these government benefits is generally determined by income levels, family size, and age, but each program has its own eligibility criteria.

If you’re looking to enroll in a Covered California health insurance plan, you can also benefit from free assistance provided by United Way’s certified enrollment counselors by accessing the site ekscalifornia .org, and then clicking on the link to United Way’s resources in the “How to Enroll” section. If you’re planning for retirement, you can also discover an excellent online resource on the CalSavers program on the same website. Furthermore, you can also learn how to apply for the CalFresh program, and if you or another family member qualify for, you will receive an EBT card to buy food at participating markets and stores. It’s worth noting that valuable info on how to easily file your taxes for free is also available on EKS California’s website.

If you’re going through a financially rough period and you want to see the exact federal and state benefits that you qualify for, feel free to visit United Way’s site ekscalifornia.org, click on Explore Your Options and start using the popular benefits finder tool created for you in collaboration with Benefit Kitchen. Once you’ve answered all the questions, you will immediately see a list of the monthly benefits that you qualify for and the specific amount you would receive for each of the government programs. If you also click on Next Step, you will be directed to a page with the links to the websites of these programs, for added convenience.