Have you always marched to the beat of a different drummer? While your classmates talked about becoming doctors, lawyers or police officers, were you left with the conviction that your skills lay in a different, as yet undiscovered area? The great news is that there is a world of job choices out there that are off of the standard path.


If you love the water just as much as you enjoy being physically fit, this just might be the job for you. Pearl divers go deep underwater to farms where they are responsible for harvesting pearls from the oysters and seeding new ones. Because the work is hard and grueling and requires a great deal of diving experience, the pay is commensurate; you can make as much as $1200 per day during diving season.


Did you know that you can make over $10 an hour as an actual human bird deterrent? If you love open, rural spaces and don’t mind periods of inactivity when those cawing black carrion birds are elsewhere, why not give this job a try? It’s definitely not for the birds.


No one likes a boring party, and that includes celebrities. That’s why they hire people as DJs and fashion consultants. If you’re someone who enjoys music and is a pop culture aficionado, particularly if you are constantly being complimented on your good taste, this unconventional job gives you a chance to spotlight all of these talents while getting paid handsomely to do so. Best of all, you might get the chance to meet your favorite celebrities.


Maybe you don’t have the body or the chops to shoot hoops, swing a bat or rule the grid iron, but that doesn’t mean you need to close yourself off from pro sports. We’re talking about e-sports, which involve playing video games either as an individual or as a member of a team. No longer do you need to relegate your passion for Fortnight to the confines of your mother’s basement. With a great deal of practice, a little luck and some connections to people in the industry, you have a shot at making e-sports your life-long vocation. For those who aren’t up to pro standing, the career offers numerous other options. The most important first step is to network with industry insiders. This ESPN article about Nick Gross, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, musician and e-sports innovator, highlights how one man in possession of a high level of motivation and passion truly can make a difference in the career paths of young people who are aspiring to attain non-traditional careers.


Your mother may have contended that all of that time online would result in nothing but disaster, but this career is proof that her prophecies are as untrue as are three-quarters of the claims you see on Twitter. As a social media manager, you can spend all of your time communicating on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for the purpose of helping companies with their marketing strategies. The only danger is that you can easily become distracted and might find yourself shopping instead of liking and reacting.

Technology has opened wide vistas of opportunity for everyone, and that even includes you as a career nonconformist. If these eccentric gigs don’t excite you, there are plenty of others out there just waiting for you to discover them. After all, that’s at least half the fun.